Stay the Blazes At Home Auction

We’re offering a variety of items and packages over the next few weeks via an auction on our Facebook page. Please review the description on each item carefully before bidding and be sure to share with all your friends!

How It Works

Our Stay The Blazes At-Home Auction is super easy to participate in. All you need is a Facebook account and you’re all set!

  1. Visit our Facebook page at
  2. Find the auction post pinned to the top of the page
  3. Browse through the packages and items available (some days we may have more than one auction live at a time)
  4. Read the description of the item(s) carefully and examine the photo. We’ve tried very hard to be as clear as possible and we want you to know what you’re bidding on!
  5. Be sure to sort all comments for each auction by Newest
  6. In the item description you will see the minimum starting bid allowed – if you are the first person bidding, congratulations! You can start bidding off by putting the minimum bid down as your comment for that photo.
  7. If you are not the first bidder, don’t worry! You can always make your bid in increments of $10. Simply comment on the photo the amount you would like to bid.
  8. Be sure to stay on top of bidding and only bid an amount that you are comfortable with
  9. At the end of the auction the high bidder wins! An announcement will be made after all bids have been reviewed to ensure compliance with the rules (see below) 

The Rules

  • Each item will be open for bidding for just 24 hours!
  • Top bid on each item at the end of 24 hours wins
  • All bids must be in increments of 10.00
  • Some items may have a reserve – please check item description
  • Winner will have 24 hours to arrange payment by credit card, e-transfer, or cash
  • Failure of the wining bidder to complete payment will result in the next highest bidder winning the auction
  • Failure to complete payment will result in the bidder being eliminated from this auction
  • All bids include the HST on the item



  • Items can be picked up at our location in Lower South River
  • Social Distancing and best-practices to keep both our staff and customers safe are in place at Leaves & Limbs. Please contact us to arrange a time for pickup.
  • Delivery can be arranged to winners address, this service will be provided at cost


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