Well it been one heck of a busy weekend for archery. Sat I attended the inaugural big buck shoot out in New Brunswick to help support amazing cause. Great format awesome bunch of guys and one hell of a good time. I was very fortunate to be in a great group and we were able to take first place in the group competition. I was paired up with Dion in the team competition and we managed to pull out a win in that as well. And for the icing on the cake I managed to win first place overall and the individual competition. Huge thanks to Darren ,Marcel and everybody else that put so much into making this shoot happen as well as all the great guys that took part in it.

Today I traveled to Northumberland archery club for another 3-D shoot bringing some new comers with me Shelly and Ryley for their first ever 3-D shoot. They both did so great. I managed to squeak out second place today to Blair who was lighting up all day with Brian right on my heels.

And finally I huge thank you to the people who made this all possible for me to shoot and have given me so much support since I got back into it last year. Dan and Pat from leaves and limbs. Hands down one of the best archery shops in the Maritimes. And if there’s any of my Facebook friends looking to try Archery please believe me you’ll never meet two finer people and be treated more fairly than the folks from Leaves and Limbs. Thank you Dan and Pat not only for what you do for me but what you are doing for Archery in the province.

– Dean Dort

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